So you're interested in membership at Harvest? That's great! We welcome you and are excited whenever there is an expressed interest in one becoming a part of our wonderful family of believers. Harvest Church Plainfield is set in an atmosphere of genuine love. You can feel it whenever and wherever you encounter our church, which you may have already experienced. You will find a diverse people from all walks of life, varying levels of Christian maturity and from every expression of Christianity here. You will find this to be an ideal church if you are interested in being challenged to grow in the things of God, and want to put your hands to ministry in a meaningful way.

We take membership seriously and have never approached it casually. As God is a God of covenant, we are a church of covenant. Meaning, it is by agreement that we are joined together with the understanding that we all share in the responsibility of making Harvest a church that glorifies God. We require that each member commit to observing and living out the Word of God as a disciple of Christ and citizen of God's kingdom. Members are expected to freely give their time, talent and treasure to the work of the Lord.

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